The following is a feature list for March Linux (current version 1.0 BETA). You can view the list of all included packages(complete with dependencies, etc.) HERE.

System Features :

March Linux uses the linux Kernel on the Live CD. It is not the stock Kernel26 package from Arch Linux, but a custom-compiled one, patched with squashfs-lzma and aufs to work with the Linux -Live Scripts.
Package management is provided by pacman 3.0.4-4, the wondeful package manager for Arch linux.
March Linux offers gcc 4.1.2-3.
Default desktop is Fluxbox 1.0rc3-1

Desktop Features

This section is basically a 'walk-through' of the menu. Most apps are described over here.

  • File Manager: Thunar (along with thunar-archive and thunar-volman plugins)
  • Terminal: Xfce4 Terminal
  • Web Browser: Firefox (preinstalled with a number of useful extensions and a few themes)

  • Search Desktop: Searchmonkey
  • Take Screenshot: Scrot is the backend, a google-code utility called gscreenshot provides the GUI fronrend
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