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What is March Linux ?

March Linux aims to be a Simple, Lean and Fast GNU/Linux distribution for the desktop which urges the users to learn linux instead of holding their hands at every step! At the same time, it is usable and fully functional with almost every software that one might need being available. It is heavily based on Arch Linux, which is IMHO the coolest distro on earth! :D In fact, I prefer to call March as a "distrolet" of Arch!
The default desktop in March Linux is Fluxbox

Why did I create it?

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Some days ago, one of my friends wanted to try out Linux on his box. I had the iso-s of a good number of distros in my arsenal, but none of them I liked enough to give to him. Maybe that was because I had been using Arch Linux for some time and couldn't believe that a better distro could exist(No offense meant to all those other excellent distros!) :) I just adore the speed and flexibility of Arch. But there was only one problem. Arch is traditionally a advanced-user's distro, and my friend was not that!

So, I sat down to decide which thing in Arch makes it most unsuitable for a newbie? My answer was : to install a linux distro only to find it gives you no graphical desktop but only a command line interface by default! The remaining things can be learnt easily if you have the will! So, I decided to create March Linux, which is essentially Arch Linux pre-installed with a workable GUI interface, requiring little or no post-install configuration. At first, it was text-based install CD, created according to Rasat's excellent guide. However, due to various reasons I converted it to work as Live CD using the Linux Live scripts, which is the current form available right now!

What Features does it offer?

Just like Arch Linux, from which it is derived, March is also a lightweight and flexible distro which tries to Keep It Simple! Configuration is very easy, mostly involving editing of text-files. Although a few GUI config tools are available, they all try to be compliant with the Arch way, which essentially stands for "freedom of choice, keep it simple, learning, and user-control".
At the same time, March Linux offers you a ready-to-run environment with a Fluxbox desktop and a host of useful apps!
You can do the following right out of the box :

  • Listen to music and watch movies in a variety of formats, record sounds
  • View pictures and perform graphical editing
  • Connect to and browse internet, check emails, download via torrents, perform ftp transfers
  • Play a number of cool games, including a few DOS based ones
  • View and edit document files, create spreadsheets, view pdf-s, perform calculations, take notes
  • Do small programming in a number of languages with an IDE
  • …… and many more!!

You might like to take a look at our documents section for a more detailed description of all the apps included.

March is designed to run amply well on a 128 mb RAM machine, PII or later or equivalent. The apps it includes are mostly LnF (Lean and Fast), and the default desktop (fluxbox) is minimalistic and lightweight & just doesn't get in your way!

Is it for you?

Get it !!

Download March Linux now to start enjoying all the features.


Well, you are the best judge for that! From my side, I can say that March Linux is well suited for anyone who wants to use Linux! Even a relatively newbie can begin to "learn the ropes" on this distro, provided he/she has the will and resilience to learn!

On the other hand, if you are a windows fan-boy, and prefer being served everything on a platter to you rather than using your brains even for the smallest things, then March Linux is NOT for you! March Linux tries its best to make learning linux as easy & enjoyable as possible, but really the onus is on you to actually benefit from it!


Enlighten me with your valuable comments, criticisms and/or suggestions!
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